The M.A.C.H. 1 Universe

M.A.C.H. 1 was at least partially inspired by the popular (and then on-air) TV show The Six Million Dollar Man. John Probe was a British agent granted superhuman strength and speed by a process known as "Man Activated by Compu-Puncture Hyperpower", or MACH for short. The strip soon began to have darker undertones, as Probe started to uncover evidence that his boss Sharpe was more than a little ruthless and self-serving. Eventually things came to a head with the discovery of other MACH people - Tanya Maski, a Communist agent whose country had gained the process when Sharpe deliberately leaked it to them, and MACH Zero, Probe's predecessor, now a prisoner with the mind of a child, after the process had destroyed his mind. In each and every one of the above named cases, the MACH people departed 2000 A.D. in a bodybag.

M.A.C.H. One

Tanya Maski

M.A.C.H. Zero

M.A.C.H. Two


Harry Winthrop

Cousin George

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