Real Name: Erick Lugo

Identity/Class: Mestizo (Son of vampire father and human mother - might be considered a dhampir in European vampiric parlance) 

Occupation: Vampire fighter

Affiliations: member of the Caligene

Enemies: Caligene

Known Relatives: Ivan Lugo (vampire king, padre/father, deceased), Elizabeth Persky (madre/mother, deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Lugo #1/2 (Lost Boy Comics)

Powers/Abilities: Unknown, but I assume they include the usual vampire powers.

History: Erick Lugo is a vampire, a member of the Caligene (the vampire race). His father was the head of the royal line, but his mother was a human, and when the two of them married, this interracial coupling outraged the other royal families. They slew both of Erick's parents, and the young boy grew up constantly fighting for survival. Reaching adulthood, Erick tried to lay down his sword, tired of the never-ending battles, but the new Royal House had his girlfriend slain in front of him. So civil war ensues amongst the Caligene, and all the while all Lugo desires is to be human.

Comments: Juan Carlos Cruz Coutiño informs me that his slogan is "El ya no queria pelear, pero a veces, las circunstancias son mas poderosas que la realidad, ellos se lo buscaron" ("He doesn´t want to fight anymore but sometimes circunstances are more powerful than the reality. They looked for him")


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