Real Name: Jonathan Gonzales

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Assisant Mayor of Dallas,Texas (USA)

Affiliations: member of Team Tejas

Enemies: Uknown

Known Relatives: Enrique Gonzales (father)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Texas

First Appearance: Team Tejas (Azteca Productions)

Powers/Abilities: Jonathan has no powers (all government superhero group leaders are normal) but has a suit designed by Gonzales Industries that grants him the ability to form an energy field that he can manipulate in many ways, from creating an energy barrier to concussive blasts that can be fired from the gauntlets. He can also fly.

History: The leader of Team Tejas, Jonathan is the son of Texas Senator and Team Tejas creator Enrique Gonzales. Intelligent, brave and ever resourceful, Jonathan prides himself on the success of Team Tejas, but the government affiliation-as well as the burden of leadership, is starting to wear on him...

Comments: Created by Richard Dominguez. Copyright to him and Azteca Productions. Written by Michael Moore and with art by Randy Saffle. Thanks to Richard Dominguez for providing biographical info and images of this character.

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