Long Tom

Real Name: Major Thomas J. Roberts

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Electrical engineer



Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: The Man of Bronze (March 1933)

Powers/Abilities: Long Tom is an electrical genius, able to build all sorts of gadgets which manipulate that energy. Long Tom's small stature belies a strong fighting spirit, and he is quick to lay into opponents far larger than him.

History: Like the rest of Doc Savage's crew, Long Tom met his fellows when all of them were inmates at the German top security P.O.W. camp Loki during the Great War. He had already gained his nickname by this point, having loaded a 17th century "long tom" cannon with scrap metalto hold off the enemy during a battle. Alongside the youthful Clark Savage Jnr., Long Tom and his fellow incorrigables escaped and made it back to allied lines. They would remain life-long friends thereafter.

After the war Long Tom patented a number of electrical devices, and became a millionaire, travelling the globe to work as a consultant on major electrical projects around the world. However he was always available to lend a hand helping out his old war buddies on adventures.

During the second world war he mainly worked sequestered away in a government lab working on equipment to aid the war effort.

Comments: Created by Kenneth Robeson.

Long Tom is described as being undersized (at least compared to his fellow adventurers), weighting in around 5' 4" tall and 140 pounds. He has a high forehead and large ears which stand out from his head. He has two gold front teeth, having lost his own during one of many brawls he has been involved in, and his skin is pale and sickly looking, although he is actually in the best of health.


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