Little Miss Strange

Real Name: Scorpia

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial sorceress

Occupation: Adventurer, High Priestess of Satu

Affiliations: Pozitron, Ishtarr, Nergal, Papilloma, Omni-Seer

Enemies: Kronus, demons of the chaos door

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Satu, a.k.a. The Temple of Time

First Appearance: Little Miss Strange (Millenium/Expand)

Powers/Abilities: Mystical abilities including flight, and the ability to open doors to other dimensions, including through time. She is also skilled in hand to hand combat.

History: On a distant, timeless world, seven priests once ruled, and raised a powerful daughter and sorceress named Scorpia. Together, they created order, both for their homeworld, Satu, and other planets in the vast universe. But one priest, hungry for power,turned to evil, and the other priests left Satu to fight a terrible war. The young Scorpia, nicknamed Little Miss Strange, was left alone to keep the universe together.

She could not.

The fabric of time, manipulated by the evil priest, Kronus, began to unravel, threatening to erase all history and leave only a blank slate. A world that Kronus could recreate in his own image. Now, Scorpia must secure three magical items which make up the Alpha Triad to restore Order in the universe before it's too late. To aid her in her quest she conjured up a dragon girl, a demoness, and a pixie sidekick (Papiloma)

Comments: Created, written, drawn and owned by Winston Blakely, with Luis Sierra working as co-penciller, and Ray Lago providing at least some of the covers. Thanks to Winston for informing me of the character, and sending both information and images of same. He also mentions that "The adventures of the sexy mistress of magic was originally published by Millennium comics" but is "now a 96pg graphic novel by Creative One comics." Check out the official website. Nicole Bowen is the official live action model for Little Miss Strange, but Winston says the character is inspired by Dr.Strange, Warlock and Bugs Bunny. Her name comes from a song by the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

Nicole Bowen, the live action model for Little Miss Strange

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