The Lightning

Real Name: Ben Warfield

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Electrical engineer

Group Membership: Leader of his own criminal organization

Affiliations: Benson (Warfield's butler), Sam Hedges (Warfield's gardener)

Enemies: Lt. Tom Grayson, Lt. Frank Corby

Known Relatives: Janet Warfield (adopted daughter)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Active across the globe

First Appearance: The Fighting Devil Dogs Episode 1: "The Lightning Strikes" (Republic, 28th May 1938)

Powers/Abilities: The Lightning utilizes a variety of high tech weapons. For close combat he carries a pistol that fires lethal electrical bolts, while for mass killing he prefers missiles that generate massive lightning strikes wherever they land. He and his gang travel the world in a large airplane dubbed "the Wing."

History: In the Asian nation of Lingchuria, an American protectorate country, U.S. marines led by Frank Corby and Tom Grayson, discover a recent massacre, only for most of the platoon to fall victim to another attack by the perpetrator, the mysterious masked criminal mastermind "the Lightning." Having survived by chance, Corby and Grayson begin pursuing the Lightning, who seeks world domination via his array of high tech weapons, most notably lethal missiles that generate lightning strikes that devastate their targets. The two marines enlist the aid of electrical engineer Ben Warfield and his adopted daughter Janet, only to eventually discover that Warfield is the very villain they have been pursuing.

Comments: Created by Barry Shipman, Franklyn Adreon, Ronald Davidson and Sol Shor. Played in costume by the uncredited Lester Dorr; his secret identity was played by Hugh Sothern, and his costumed identity was voiced by Stanley Price (first episode) and Edwin Stanley (remaining episodes).

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