Image taken from Gerry Alanguilan's site, modified from the cover of Aliwan Komiks #1Real Name: alien/original comics version Unknown
2003 movie Hilario
2004 movie Adrian

Identity/Class: comics Extra-terrestrial;
movies Human mutate

Occupation: comics Unknown
2003 movie
Physics teacher
2004 movie student/fast food clerk

Affiliations: Captain Barbell; Darna

Enemies: comics Unknown
2003 movie Stryker
2004 movie Lastika, Alfonso and Reden (father and son werewolves)

Known Relatives: 2003 movie Lolo Pablo (grandfather); Elmer (father, deceased); Remedios (mother, deceased)

Aliases: Larry

Base of Operations: The Philippines

First Appearance: Aliwan Komiks (1964)

Thanks to Raffy for this image.Powers/Abilities: Able to stretch parts of his body like they were made of elastic, allowing him to reshape himself into whatever form he desires. Bulletproof. His costume is a part of him, and he cannot remove it.

History: (original comics version) Lastikman is an alien from another planet, who became trapped on Earth and decided to fight crime.

(2003 movie version) Young Hilario is near a rubber tree when a meteor strikes it, and somehow gains powers of elasticity. His grandfather inspires him to use his new found powers to do good deads, and thus honour the memories of his dead parents. Hilario grows up to become a Professor in physics, and also the superhero Lastikman.

(2004 movie version) Young Adrian - a lanky teen-ager whose father became a drunkard after the death of his mother - was mauled to death by illegal loggers whom he prevented from cutting the trees in the forest. He was left lifeless under a rubber tree, which revived him and gave him special power.

Comments: Created by Mars Ravelo.

Thanks to Raffy for this image.Lastikman began as a comic book character. He turned up in both Kampeon Komiks (Champion Comics) and Aliwan Komiks.

Most recently he has returned to comics in 2003 in a mini-series published by Mango Comics.

Lastikman in his latest incarnation. Image by Gerry Alanguilan

The next "Modern Age" Lastikman comicbook will be a 52-Page "one-shot" comic to be released December 2004 by Mango Comics in time for the new "Lastikman" movie starring Mark Bautista (see below). The comicbook and the movie, concept wise, will be independent of each other. The writer of this Lastikman one-shot is Gerry Alanguilan, who also worked on DC Comics' "Superman:Birthright", with art by Arnold Arre and colouring by Edgar Tadeo. Click here to see a preview page from the comic, kindly donated by Gerry.

Vic Sotto as Lastikman

Lastikman has also been adapted for the cinema; in 2003 he was to seen in "Lastikman", starring Vic Sotto in the title role, and Jun Asidera wrote in to tell me of an earlier outing in the 1968 when Von Serna played the part.

Jan K. Ilacad of Octoarts-Orbit Music Group sent me some movie and soundtrack credits for this film:

LASTIKMAN Movie (2003) produced by:                                      Octoarts films and MZet productions

LASTIKMAN original theme song words and music by:                    Jan K. Ilacad of Octoarts Music

LASTIKMAN original theme song arranged by:                                Jojo Espino of archangel productions

From the Captain Barbell movie.

Additionally he recently appeared in a dream sequence in the latest Captain Barbell movie, played by Christopher 'P.J.' Malonzo. The image on the right, provided by Raffy, is from the soundtrack CD by Regine, used with permission.

Mark Bautista as Lastikman in the latest movie.

And it seems like Lastikman movies are a bit like buses - none for ages, then three come along all at once. Because in August 2004, Viva Productions Inc., a Filipino company, announced they had just aquired the film rights to Lastikman, and have cast actor Mark Bautista in the role. Director Mac Alejandre directed the 2003 Captain Barbell starring Bong Revilla.

The 2004 movie is officially titled as Mars Ravelo's Lastikman: Unang Banat.

Thanks to Raffy for almost all the information and images used on this page. Thanks to Gerry Alanguilan for information about the comics version of Lastikman, and for permission to use the image at the top of the page and the Mango Comics image of Lastikman. Thanks to Chris Fabian for additonal information about the 2004 movie.

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