Kid Cataclysm

Real Name: Angelica Cruz

Identity/Class: Mutant human

Occupation: Student, Adventurer

Affiliations: (former) The Core; Dr.Giovanni; (current allies) Shadow Runner

Enemies: Dr.Giovanni; The Core

Known Relatives: Roberto (brother)

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: el Salvador

First Appearance: Unknown

Powers/Abilities: Angelica, has the paranormal ability to absorb, channel, and redirect all forms of energy. She absorbs energy directly from the atmosphere, which also allows her to create a near impenetrable field around her body, making her almost impervious to harm. Kid Cataclysm can fire multiple blasts from both her hands and eyes. She can also use her powers to propel herself through the air, giving her the power of flight. Kid Cataclysm’s powers are not only based on the amount of energy she has absorbed, but also on the level of duress she is under. In a calm state, her powers are less lethal or destructive. If she becomes angry or enraged, her powers could reach a strength that would enable her to crack the planet in half.

History: Angelica Cruz was born in the town of San Salvador, El Salvador. At the age of 15, during an argument with her younger brother, Roberto, her paranormal abilities manifested themselves with near fatal results. Angelica had accidentally fired a pulse of solar energy directly at Roberto. The blast of energy disfigured the left side of Roberto’s face. Feeling guilty and fearing that her country’s government would come after her, Angelica fled to the United States.

Once in America, she was discovered by Dr. Giovanni, another paranormal with telepathic abilities. He convinced her to join his team of teen heroes known as the Core. Angelica, being the most powerful of the group was placed as the team leader and was given the code name Kid Cataclysm. Looking for a chance to redeem herself and to learn how to harness her powers, Angelica accepted Giovanni’s offer. For many months Angelica trained with Giovanni and her teammates, going on one adventure after another. An intimate relationship developed between Angelica and Giovanni. Never realizing that Giovanni himself was manipulating the entire series of events. Months later, during a battle with the Superhero known as Shadow Runner, Giovanni’s mental link was broken. Shadow Runner explainer to Angelica that she had been duped by Giovanni, and also revealed that Giovanni was once a member of the government sanctioned superhero team, Section Six. Feeling betrayed by Giovanni, Angelica’s power level rised higher and higher. The entire planet shook as Angelica continued to raise her power levels, intent on destroying Giovanni and The Core. Shadow Runner, realizing that her power levels are based on her level of anger or duress, calmed her down, explaining that she would destroy the entire planet if she didn’t calm down. Not wanting the death of billions on her conscience, Angelica calmed down, but not before destroying The Core’s base of operations, The Citadel. Since that time Angelica has returned to her country of El Salvador to rebuild her life with her family.

Comments: Created by Wm. Joseph Warner. Text covering origin and powers taken straight from the Worldwinz Studios site. Thanks to Wm. Joseph Warner for informing me of this character and pointing me to the site.

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