Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Sailor (“Ketelbinkie” is his job) (kettle boy? A “ketelbinkie” had the lowest rank aboard a ship)

Affiliations: The crew of his ship.

Enemies: The Black Vultures

Known Relatives: Unnamed parents (lives with them when not on ship)

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Rotterdam, but he’s a sailor so he’s mostly somewhere else.

First Appearance: Parool (Newspaper, 17 May 1945)

Powers/Abilities: Early in his career he got the strength of a large savage strong ape. For common purposes we can assume that that means a healthy adult male gorilla. In sheer strength he could be about as strong as an entire American Football team, if not stronger. He is a sailor and has quite some brains too.

History: Kettlebinkie is a young sailor. Shortly after the beginning of his career he visits the laboratory of Professor Steekneus, who accidentally injects the boy with a substance which gives him the strength of an ape.

Comments: Created by Wim Meuldijk

Ketelbinkie was introduced in the Parool as the personification of the average Rotterdammers, who had been surpressed by the Nazis and had been bombed by both sides, in his heroism and reflection. As most attractive his completely democratic character was mentioned. (See Lambiek).

Ketelbinkie is a Meuldijk character, which means that he is very reluctant in the use of violence - he is nice to vultures too. The character shows similarities to the Ketelbinkie of a well-known Dutch song of the 1940's, which is likely to be the inspiration for the character (or his name at least) (shows the text of the easy version) (with music and word lists)

Profile by Theodoor Westerhof, with amendments by Loki


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