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History: Joyboy is an alien and extra-dimensional being once in the employ of the dimension-hopping Gatecrasher and her band of theives called the Technet, although his origin and history have yet to be revealed. Joyboy was seen among the Technet when they tried to capture Rachel Summers (Phoenix) which led to the formation of Excalibur. He served with the Technet after that, until he left with the others in mutiny against Gatecrasher. Excalibur took the aliens under their care, and Joyboy was with them when Nightcrawler trained them into a better team, fighting the minions of Necrom (the Anti-Phoenix). Immediately after the battle, Joyboy was kidnapped by Tweedledope of the Crazy Gang. In defending himself, Joyboy reached out to warp the Red Queen's mind, and instead created the fantasy world the Crazy Gang now enjoys.

Joyboy's planet/dimension of origin is unknown, and looks little more than a big-headed human infant in an egg-shaped hovering cradle. Joyboy's powers normally operate by reading the thoughts of his opponent in order to find his or her greatest desire and manifesting that desire in a nightmarish form. For example, at one point, Shadowcat was permanently intangible, and her desire was to be solid again. Joyboy twisted this around so that Shadowcat suddenly became monstrously fat, so much so that she was unable to move.




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