Johnny Red

Created by Tom Tully and Joe Colquhoun, Johnny Red began in Battle #100 (29th January 1977). It ran for a decade, and became Battle's longest running series with over five hundred episodes.

Nineteen year old Liverpudlian John Redburn joins the RAF after World War II breaks out, but is dishonourably discharged in an unfair court martial after he accidentally strikes a senior officer. He tries to find other work that will hep the war effort, but after finding himself constantly stymied by his record, he joins a Merchant Navy supply ship heading for Murmansk. When the convoy is attacked by the Luftwaffe, one of the casualties is the pilot of a Hurricane being carried on Johnny's ship. As the only other person able to fly it, Johnny steals the plane in order to provide the convoy with aerial support, until he runs low on fuel. Forced to land on Russian soil, Johnny encounters the pilots of the Falcon Squadron, and joins them since he cannot return home without risking charges for stealing his plane. He soon earns their respect, as well as the nickname Djavol, the Red Devil.

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