Real Name: William Harper Littlejohn

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Archaeologist and geologist



Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: The Man of Bronze (March 1933)


History: Johnny made the acquaintance of Doc Savage, Ham, Monk, Renny and Long Tom when he was a P.O.W. in the Great War. Like them he was placed in top security prison Loki, a sentence reserved for the most persistant of escapers. Bringing the group together proved to be a fatal mistake, for with their disparate skills they soon managed to escape once more, and this time made it back to allied lines.

After the war Johnny went back to being one of the top authorities in archaeology and geology, although he was always happy to lend his old friends a hand so long as he wasn't out the country on a dig.

Comments: Johnny is described as being tall (a little over 6 foot) and extremely thin. He wears a monocle over his left eye, which was blinded during the war. It doubles as a magnifying glass for his good eye on occasion. Doc eventually managed to operate and restore his sight. He is very verbose and never uses a short word when a big one is available - his favourite phrase is "I'll be Superamalgamated!" The only person he doesn't do this with is Doc.


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