Jennifer Mays

Real Name: Jennifer Mays

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Ex-CIA agent, owner of Maze Agency private investigation company

Affiliations: Gabriel Webb (fiancée and regular investigative partner); Maze Agency and its staff; good relations with the police.

Enemies: Ashley Swift (ex-boss and owner of Swift Investigations); Dr Rune (the only one of their enemies at large)

Known Relatives: Dennison (father), unnamed mother

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Maze Agency Offices, New York

First Appearance: The Maze Agency #1 (Comico, 1988)

Powers/Abilities: Jennifer Mays was a top CIA agent and still keeps herself in good physical condition. She is proficient with a revolver and martial arts and adept in disguises, stealth and shadowing. She also has rather long list of high society contacts.

History: Jennifer Mays likes to keep her past very much that; in the past. She rarely divulges much about it, and what is known has been revealed in dribs and drabs over the years, including the background as a decorated CIA agent (the time she'd rather not remember); her job as an investigator for Swift Investigations and a number of bad relationships. These days she runs her own detective agency, and dates mystery writer Gabriel Webb. Although she is rich and Webb has never been he is still the only man she have had a stable romantic relationship with - despite the fact that the only thing they really have in common is crime-solving and their sense of humour.

Comments: Created by Mike Barr.

Thanks toVesa Lehtinen for additional information.


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