Real Name: Colonel Gary Jason

Identity/Class: Cyborg

Occupation: Astronaut; Colonel in NASA; later Krell spy against the Pulots.

Affiliations: Si-Krell, Plentha (alien scientists who healed him); Betty (his girlfriend); Chet Mansfield (science fiction writer); Zilla (Pulot turncoat, Jigsaw's partner)

Enemies: Zarkhow; The Pulots

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: The Man of a Thousand Parts; Gary Johnson (calls himself this at one point)

Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Big Hero Adventures: Jigsaw, Man of a Thousand Parts #1 (Harvey Comics, under their Funday Funnies, Inc imprint, September 1966)

Powers/Abilities: Able to stretch his limbs to incredible lengths.

History: (Jigsaw #1) When the lunar module Star Gazer 1 crash lands on the moon, pulled down by a gigantic magnetic space cone into a hidden alien base inside the Ptolemy crater, pilot Colonel Gary Jason is terribly injured and left near to death. The inhabitants, a somewhat robotic race known as the Krell, take it on themselves to heal him, using "living tissue tape" to reconnect the shattered pieces of his body. Waking up, he discovers he can now extend his limbs as if they were made of rubber. The scientists who healed him, Si-Krell and Plentha, explains that their people are peaceful observers of Earth. Having fixed his module, they prepare to send him home, but as they get ready to do so, they are attacked by their enemies, the humanoid Pulots. Not wanting their new friend to be injured, the Krell launch the module back to Earth.

Gary makes a splash-landing in the North Atlantic, but when he unintentionally demonstrates his new abilities, the NASA recovery team presume he is a monster, one which has taken the place of the real Colonel. Gary manages to escape, and runs to his friend Chat Mansfield, a science-fiction author, who he manages to convince of the truth. Wearing borrowed clothes and driving a borrowed car, he then goes to see his fiancee Betty, but before he can tell her what has happened, the two of them witness a train wreck. Circus animals which were being transported escape, and Gary uses his stretching ability to recapture them, only to have Betty freak out. Wandering off in dispair, Gary receives a distress call from the Krell, who take him back the moon. They explain how they are under repeated attack and ask Gary to be their spy amongst Pulots and infiltrate their stronghold. Accompanied by Zilla, a Pulot who has thrown her lot in with the Krell, Jigsaw sneaks into the base and uses his powers to plant a bomb in the enemy base's power plant, blowing it up.

(Jigsaw #2) Gary is entered into the "Intergalactic Olympics" by the Krell, acting as Earth's representative. There he finds that his main opponent will be Zarkhow of Pulotonia, who challenges him to a duel. Defeating the vile alien, Jigsaw is sent temporarily berserk when the alien uses a strange device on him, but luckily manages to regain control of himself in time to force Zarkhow to flee, and then be blasted from the skies.

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