Jake Flint

Real Name: Jake Flint

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Guide, former bosun (boatswain) on the Brig (two-square mast sailing ship) Gallantine

Affiliations: Steve Hackman, Professor Rudolph Barnes

Enemies: Ab-Humans, Lew Kerr, Charlie Hagan, Charlie's Angels, Captain Schmidt

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Bosun Flint

Base of Operations: The Planet of the Damned

First Appearance: Starlord #1 (I.P.C., 13th May 1978)

Powers/Abilities: Flint is an expert swordsman and hand-to-hand fighter. He is presumably a good sailor, though he has little call for that skill on the Planet of the Damned.

History: Jake Flint had been the bosun on the Gallantine, a British Brig (a sailing ship with two square masts), until it was sucked through a dimensional portal while sailing in the Bermuda Triangle circa the 1820s. The crew found themselves on an alien world which was soon dubbed "the Planet of the Damned" due to its hostile flora and fauna. Flint reinvented himself as a barbarian, allying himself with Sanctuary, a small outpost settled by other survivors, where the local plants had been tamed to serve man, and began trying to lead new arrivals there with the minimum of casualties.

Flint soon came to hate the Ab-Humans, hostile aliens who preyed on humans, but it was not only the alien world that was dangerous. Flint had an ongoing feud with Charlie's Angels, a band of human survivors led by World War II flier Charlie Hagen, who had turned cannibals, feasting on unsuspecting newcomers, and who entertained themselves by torturing people. Another threat was the crew of German U-Boat U-158, led by Captain Schmidt, who demanded tribute of anyone who passed through his territory.

Either the planet slows aging in those who fall through its portal, or else time is dilated so that less time passes there than for those on Earth; either way, 150 Earth years after Flint arrived on the Planet of the Damned, the passengers and crew of a TriStar plane became the latest victims of the Bermuda Triangle. Flint led them to Sanctuary, although not before many of them fell prey to Ab-Humans, native fauna and Charlie's Angels; Flint led the Germans to the latter's camp site, leading to a devastating battle that ended only when the surviving gang members were forced to unite to evade an Ab-Human attack.

Professor Rudolph Barnes, a scientist living in Sanctuary, theorised a way to use the TriStar plane to return everyone home to Earth, but when Sanctuary's elders refused to let even those willing to take the risk to try it, an enraged Barnes, literally maddened by fumes from some of his pet flesh-eating plants, used enzymes to turn the flora of Sanctuary hostile. Those who survived the resulting attacks were forced to flee Sanctuary, assisted by Flint. He led the group back to the TriStar's landing site, but they were confronted by the remnants of Charlie's Angels / the Germans; however, human differences were put aside when the Ab-Humans, now led by a human/Ab-Human hybrid, Lew Kerr, attacked. While Flint did his best to hold them off, the other humans used Barnes' notes to reverse the energy flux that powered the dimensional portal; Flint evaded the Ab-Humans and reached the group just in time to join them in returning to Earth.

Comments: Bosun Jake Flint was created by Pat Mills (under the pen name R.E. Wright) and Horacio Lalia for the Starlord strip Planet of the Damned.


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