Jack Tenrec

Real Name: Jack Tenrec

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Mechanic

Affiliations: Hannah Dundee, Mustapha Cairo, Renfro Rynchus, Hobb the Grith, Hermes, Old Blood Mechanics

Enemies: Wilhelmina Scharnhorst, poachers

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Cadillac

Base of Operations: The garage, near the City in the Sea

First Appearance: Death Rattle #8 (Kitchen Sink, December 1986)

Powers/Abilities: Skilled engineer.

History: Born into the 26th Century's Xenozoic Age, Jack Tenrec grew up in a world where mankind had lost dominance of the Earth to resurrected species such as dinosaurs following a 20th Century cataclysm that had driven humanity underground for hundreds of years. Leader of the Old Blood Mechanics, who once maintained the machinery that kept man alive during their subterranean residency, Jack now sought to prevent poaching and maintain man's balance with their new world, suspecting that irresponsible use of technology had caused the past disasters and wanting to prevent it happening again. Living in the gigantic fortress known as the garage, Jack maintained the City in the Sea's vehicles, including his personal transport, a modified Cadillac designed to run on dinosaur guano. He befriended the Grith, a bipedal species older than mankind which evolved from dinosaurs, communicating with them using Scrabble tiles, and raised the allosaurus Hermes from infancy to be his personal watchdog. Partnering with scientist Hannah Dundee, he investigated the cataclysm's cause and tried to find out how so many extinct species had been resurrected, as well as opposing governor Wilhelmina Scharnhorst, who sought to use old technology regardless of the risks. When Scarnhorst eventually staged a coup, Hannah faked Jack's death to prevent her pursuing vengeance against Jack.

Comments: Created by Mark Schultz. Voiced by David Keely in the cartoon.


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