Jack Shepherd

Real Name: Jack Shepherd

Identity/Class: Normal human, technology user

Occupation: counterintelligence agent for the G.I. Branch of the U.S. Army. Department of War before and during WWII

Affiliations: Kaitlin Hunter (British S.O.E. agent), Albert Einstein (chief technologist for the G.I. Branch), William "Wild Bill" Donovan (head of G.I. Branch)

Enemies: Arkady Zola (head of the secret Nazi Base 211 in the Antarctic), Krieger (Nazi assassin), Nazi Rocketroopers, various Nazi agents

Known Relatives: none

Aliases: the "G.I. Spy"

Base of Operations: various, usually the secret G.I. Branch headquarters in Washington DC

First Appearance: "G.I. Spy" #1 (BOOM! Studios, July 2005)

Powers/Abilities: Trained in the use of his various special equipments and devices, such as his "Helipack" backpack helicopter, gyrojet pistol, the "Valise 400" suitcase motorcycle, limpet mines... etc.

History: Jack Shepherd was recruited into the Government Intelligence (G.I.) Branch of the U.S. Army and the Department of War prior to the U.S.' involvement in WWII, as a response to the growing intrusion of Axis agents provocateur into America. Jack's only special qualities at the time seemed to be a reluctance to follow orders blindly and an unawareness of his limitations, qualities that made him a terrible grunt soldier, but made him the perfect spy. Granted KIA (killed in action) status by the Army, he became America's first counterintelligence agent, tasked with ferreting out Nazi spies. His first mission involved teaming up with an experienced S.O.E. agent, Kaitlin Hunter who aided Jack in discovering a shadowy Nazi "wonderweapons" program secreted away at an underground base in the Antarctic. Most of Jack's missions are "top secret" to this day, as he is considered to have fought "the war behind the war". It is not known if he survived to the present day.

Comments: Created by Andrew Cosby and Matt Haley. Thanks to Matt for informing me of the character and providing information and images. To learn more, visit http://www.gispyonline.com


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