Real Name: Christine Grayson

Identity/Class: Human / elemental hybrid (believed by most to be a mutant)

Occupation: Thief

Affiliations: member of the League of Champions

Enemies: Madame Synn

Known Relatives: John (brother)


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Champions RPG (Hero Games); Champions (Hero Comics); League of Champions, Icicle

Powers/Abilities: Icicle can reduce her body temperature and absorb kinetic energy from the space around her, causing the surrounding area to become cold. She is able to generate snow and ice, being skillful enough to create ice slides and other shaped solid objects. Icicle also has flame powers; rather than displacing the heat in the air when she uses her powers like Icestar does, she absorbs it. When she absorbs enough she can combust, although it didn’t happen often.

History: Most people assume that Icestar and Icicle are mutants. They're not. In fact two of the world's best known heroes are descendants of a water elemental from a frozen lake, who was given human form by a powerful wizard. He fell so in love with her that he eventually married her in a proper church wedding. It was through holy sacrament that Icestar and Icicle's great-great-great-great-grandmother gained both her soul and the ability to produce viable human offspring. Now, in the seventh generation, that decidedly feminine elemental power quite naturally manifests itself in Icicle (its manifestation in Icestar is thoroughly unnatural, and is another story - see his profile for details).

Both Christine Grayson and her elder brother John share this unique heritage, the ability to generate cold and ice. In John's case an accident caused his powers to manifest, and he adopted the superhero persona of Icestar. A few years later Christine hit puberty and decided to follow John's footsteps, moving to join him in San Francisco and taking the identity of Icicle. Although he wasn't happy about her choice, John supported her decision to join the Champions, his team, as it meant he could keep a closer eye on her.

Comments: Icicle first appeared as a supervillain in the roleplaying game Champions. Her history in the game is slightly different from the comic version, and by the latest edition of Champions she had retired and had a child by hero Starburst.

Thanks to Dennis Mallonee for clarifying Icicle and Icestar's origin, and informing me of the mystical side of it.

Thanks to David Anderson for additional information.


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