Membership: (left to right) Birli (Marco Martínez), Ramón del Valle, Tina Gelatina (Tina Valls), Viriato (Olegario Oliveira), Birloque (Marcos Martínez), Abad Abraham, Andy Androide; (inset) el Representante (Pancho Sánchez, formerly Panchito)

Purpose: To defend Spain

Affiliations: Spanish government

Enemies: Escuadrón Neocon (Captador, others), Flor de Loto, Dr. Contubernio

Base of Operations: Spain

First Appearance: Ibéroes #1 (December 2009)

History: When the Spanish peninsula was threatened, a team came together to defend it: Designer superhuman Viriato, whose brain has been encoded with hundreds of powers that he can activate by reciting aloud the corresponding serial numbers, though he can only call on one at a time; Abad Abraham (Abbot Abraham), last survivor of a medieval brotherhood of Catholic mage monks, recently escaped after a demon buried him alive centuries ago beneath a giant rock, his frail body now protected beneath mystical armour; Tina Gelatina, a former criminal seeking to redeem herself, transformed into living malleable menthol jelly after accidentally falling into a vat of the stuff while fleeing the police; Andy Androide, a robot constructed by the Spanish government from plans provided by the villainous Dr. Contubernio in return for his freedom; Ramón del Valle, an older man whose origins are a mystery obscured by conflicting accounts, but who unquestioningly possesses mastery of lightning; and Birli and Birloque, once the singular Marc Martínez until he was split into two identical men, Marco and Marcos, while taking part in a magic show, only to be left separated when the magician suffered an unfortunate fatal accident, but able to temporarily recombine with all his abilities doubled. Overseen by el Representante, formerly the sidekick Panchito of post-war hero Capitán Manchego, they aren't exactly the world's greatest heroes, but they'll have to do until better ones show up!

Comments: Created by Iñigo Aguirre.

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