The Human Bullet

Real Name: Mitch

First Appearance: The Tick



Affiliations: Fire Me Boy (sidekick); The Tick


Known Relatives: Fire Me Boy (son)


Base of Operations:

History: Whenever danger threatens the City, whenever villainy rears it's ugly head, then the Human Bullet can be trusted to shoot to the rescue! Literally. Because when the Human Bullet needs to race to the scene of the crime, he climbs into a giant cannon in the backyard of his suburban house, and then has his son (Fire Me Boy) aim and launch him towards where he is needed. Since he has no other powers except for the ability to survive being shot into things a lot, this tends to mean he isn't actually much use to the other superheroes of the city when he gets there, but it's the thought that counts. The one time he actually proved of real value was when he allowed the Tick to use his cannon to take out the Breadmaster's sinister souffle. This giant pastry was threatening to engulf the city, and when the cannon, loaded with a triple charge, was fired, the ensuing sonic boom caused the souffle to collapse harmlessly.

Powers/Abilities: None as such, but being able to survive been fired into solid objects does suggest some level of invulnerability.

Comments: His cartoon voice is provided by Pat Musick.


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