Dark Angel

Real Name: Shevaun Haldane

Identity/Class: Human magic / technology user


Affiliations: X-Men, MI13

Enemies: Mys-Tech

Known Relatives: Ranulph Haldane (father, deceased)

Aliases: Hell's Angel

Base of Operations: UK

First Appearance: Hell's Angel #1; Overkill, Dark Angel (Marvel U.K.)

Powers/Abilities: Shevaun is a genius when it comes to blending science and magic. She is telepathic, can traverse dimensions, even travelling into places such as Mephisto's hell without difficulty. She is capable of absorbing mystical energy, of flying and of firing destructive bolts of energy herself. With a little time to work on it, she can do pretty much anything.

History: Shevaun Haldane is the daughter of Ranulph Haldane, one of the Mys-Tech board members. Strongly disagreeing with her father's involvement with Mephisto, she utilises a blend of technology and magic to combat Mys-tech as Hell's Angel.

Comments: Worry about how some people were reacting to the name "Hell's Angel", Marvel US renamed the character and the comic "Dark Angel" after a few issues.


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