Halo Jones

Real Name: Halo Jones

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Wanderer; formerly hostess on luxury space liner, soldier, numerous others

Affiliations: Rodice (best friend), Toy Molte (friend/colleague); formerly Toby, Luiz Cannibal

Enemies: Toby, Luiz Cannibal

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: H. Olsun

Base of Operations: Mobile across the Galaxy; formerly The Hoop, Earth

First Appearance: 2000 A.D. Prog 376 (I.P.C., 7th July 1984)

Powers/Abilities: After military training, Halo was a capable soldier and experienced with a variety of weapons. Speaks some "cetacea", the language of intelligent whales and dolphins. Halo Jones is particularly known for being an ordinary human.

History: Halo was an ordinary girl who grew up in the Hoop, a city built over the Atlantic Ocean near where Manhattan used to be. Deciding she had no life to look forward to on Earth, she worked passage off-planet, where she had various jobs and adventures.

Comments: Created by Alan Moore and Ian Gibson.

The Ballad of Halo Jones consists of three series.

all later published in album formats.

Thanks to Leonie for correcting me on where Halo came from. Thanks to Tomi Kaunisto for additional information.

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