Hale the Magician

Real Name: Hale

Identity/Class: Human magic user


Affiliations: Chief Kingu, Lois Starrett

Enemies: Grillo

Known Relatives: Hale (father, deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: U.S.A.

First Appearance: Dynamic Comics (Harry A. Chesler)

Powers/Abilities: By instructing the spearhead Hale can make virtually anything he requests happen. It only works for him, the rightful owner. He's also an exceptional hand-to-hand fighter.

History: In the 15th century an impoverished Spanish nobleman, Hale, and his namesake son travel to South America seeking to make their fortune, but find that instead of being there to farm and civilize, their countrymen were slaughtering the natives. Disgusted by the Conquistador's actions, the pair defect to assist the Maoni tribe, but the elder Hale falls in the first battle. However, the Maoni prove to be highly civilised, and know how to harness lightning, driving the attackers off. Having proven his bravery, Hale is allowed to undergo an initiation rite, passaging through a deep cave full of monsters, and the elderly chief Kingu, impressed with his intellect and bravery and viewing him like a son, informs him he has earned the right to rule the Maoni. The chief teaches him their secrets of the "natural and supernatural science and magic" but knowing his time is short and he will not be able to pass on all his knowledge, Kingu enchants Hale's spearhead to hold the rest of his power. However, the ambitious Numi tries to steal the spearhead, stabbing Hale in the back; Kingu strangles Numi before he can claim the enchanted item, but cannot revive Hale. However, Kingu has given Hale an immortal soul that will one day revive him, and they sealHale in a glass case stored in a mountain top tomb. When Kinu dies soon after from a broken heart, the Maoni, lacking strong leadership, destroy themselves in civil war. Centuries later, in 1941, scientist Henry Starrett and his daughter Lois follow Hale's legend and find the tomb; they wait for months hoping to witness Hale's rebirth, but running out of supplies, Henry decides to break the glass hoping that will awaken Hale. It does, but Henry immediately drops dead, the price for awakening the magician. Hale consoles Lois, and accompanies her back to the U.S.A. to dedicate his life to fighting for freedom and against injustice.



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