Gundala (Thunderbolt)

Real Name: Sancaka.

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Scientist (in comic version), scientist and instructor (movie version).

Affiliations: Godam, AquanusMaza, Tira, Merpati, Boga, Kalong, Kartubi, Sembrani, Pangeran Mlaar.

Enemies: Ghazul, Pengkor, Ki Wilawuk, Athon.

Known Relatives: Sedhah Esti Wulan (Merpati, wife), Kronz (adoptive father), Tirhapy (relationship unspecified)

Aliases: Son of Lightning

Base of Operations: Indonesia

First Appearance: Gundala Putera Petir (Gundala series,Kentjana Agung Publishing, 1969).

Powers/Abilities: Able to fire lightning at varying intensities from his palm, lightning punch, electrical spark from his finger, typhoon speed run.

History: Sancaka was a scientist who invented an anti-lightning struck serum, finally cracking the formula the night of his girlfriend's birthday... which he forgot about in the midst of his work. She broke up with him, causing the heartbroken Sancaka to run off into the stormy night. He was struck by lightning, and elevated to "Lightning Land" where Kronz, the king of Lightning Land, adopted him as his commander and his son, renaming him Gundala, the son of lightning. Kronz subsequently commanded him to attack Cloud Land. After some adventures on Pangeran Mlaar's Planet Covox, Gundala returned to Earth.

Comments: Created by Harya Suraminata a.k.a. Hasmi. In 1983 there was a Gundala movie starring Teddy Purba as Sancaka/Gundala and WD Mochtar as Ghazul. In 2005 Gundala comics begin to be re-released by PT Bumi Langit.

Profile by Berny Julianto.

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