Escuardo Guernica

Membership: Alcotán, Clavel ("Carnation"), Espada ("Sword"), Camisa Blanca ("White Shirt"), Paloma Roja ("Red Dove"), Libertad ("Liberty")

Purpose: To oppose the Fascist Spanish government

Affiliations: Unknown

Enemies: The Fascists

Base of Operations: Spain, c.1960's

First Appearance: Unknown

History: In 1965 a team of Spanish heroes with political backgrounds formed to oppose the fascist regime which ruled their homeland at the time. They were called "Escuadron Guernica" by the press (Guernica Swarm - Guernica being the town that was brutally bombed by German planes on behalf of the Spanish fascists during the Spanish Civil War in the 1930's). The team disappeared in 1968, and are believed to have been killed by government agents.

The members were Alcotán (named after a bird of prey), Clavel (Carnation), Espada (Sword), Camisa Blanca (White Shirt), Paloma Roja (Red Dove) and Libertad (Liberty)

Comments: Created by Jesus Merino, Rafael Marín and Carlos Pacheco.

Thanks to Jose Ramon Vidal for informing me of the existance of these characters and providing details on them. Thanks to Jon San Sebastián Sauto for corrections.


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