Garra Cinzenta (The Grey Claw)

Real Name: Dr. Stone

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Chemist, crimelord

Affiliations: Flag (robot), "Lady in Black" (Kathy), unnamed gorilla with transplanted human brain

Enemies: Inspector Higgins, Miller

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: la Griffre Grise (name in French)

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: La Griffre Grise (weekly serial in La Moustique, 15th October 1944)

Powers/Abilities: Insane genius, able to build giant robots and transplant human brains into primates.

History: Dr. Stone was a chemist who doubled as the villainous crimelord Garra Cinzenta (the Grey Claw), who embarked on a reign of terror. Amongst his many crimes were the murder of his former colleague Professor Cuberry (whose brain he then transplanted into a gorilla, creating a murderous monster under his control), and the brainwashing of Cuberry's secretary Kathy into the villainous "Lady in Black". He was pursued by Inspector Higgins and his assistant Miller, but it was his own creation, the giant robot Flag, which ended his criminal career, slaying him during a police assault on his lair.

Comments: Created by Francisco Armond and Renato Silva.

FlagFirst published in Brazil in Jornal a Gazetinha in 1937, and later reprinted in Mexico, Garra Cinzenta became la Griffre Grise when it was republished as a single-page weekly serial in the Belgian magazine "Le Moustique" starting on 15 October 1944. In January 1945, the series was interrupted, allegedly the victim of paper shortages. It returned on 14 October 1945, but in a reduced format, with two full pages printed as a single half-page. The story ended on 12 January 1947, totalling about 100 pages. In 1988 Worney Almeida de Souza complied all 100 stories/chapters/original covers in a volume "Seleções do Quadrix" #3.

Much of the information on this page comes verbatim from Cool French Comics, used with permission. Likewise the images. Thanks to Daniel Serravalle de Sá for information about the collected edition.

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