Green Mask

Real Name: Michael Shelby





Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: All-Good Comics 1944 (Fox Features Syndicate); All-Great Comics 1945; Book of All Comics 1; Green Mask 1-11, vol.2 no.1-6; Mystery Men Comics 1-31

Powers/Abilities: At first, no superhuman powers. After exposure to the vita-ray he had superstrength and invulnerability.

History: Michael Shelby was a wealthy private investigator who put on a colourful costume to become the heroic crimefighter, the Green Mask. Initially fighting evil with only his wits, a good right fist and lots of firepower, he was eventually placed in a "vita-ray" chamber and gained superhuman powers.

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After gaining superpowers, Shelby also gained a sidekick, called Domino.


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