Real Name: Eric Gore

Identity/Class: Human with gorilla hand grafted to body

Occupation: Scientist, would-be conqueror

Affiliations: His ape followers, including Gon-da

Enemies: Thunderbolt

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: The Man-Ape

Base of Operations: Gore Island

First Appearance: Pete Cannon, Thunderbolt#52 (Charlton Comics, June 1966)

Powers/Abilities: Gore is an expert surgeon. He wields a "shock gun" that can discharge stunning energy blasts.

History: Eric Gore was a medical specialist developing new skin grafting techniques until, while working late one night, there was an explosion in the lab that destroyed his right hand and left him partially blind. Desperate and confused, and feeling his life's work to be over as he could not continue it without a hand, he suddenly heard the dying groans of the lab's experimental ape, mortally wounded in the explosion. Noting that its paw was undamaged, the befuddled scientist operated on himself, somehow managing to successfully transfer the dying ape's paw to himself. Gore decided to wait until he could remove the bandages before announcing his transplant success to the world, but before that could happen, complications arose. Wild new sensations coursed through his veins and, over time, his brain became consumed with a burning desire for power, a desire to see the humanity he had once served come to serve him. Needing time to develop plans and weapons to bring mankind to its knees, Gore went in search of seclusion, finally discovering a remote uncharted island inhabited by apes. Instinctively knowing this was his destination, Gore found that the apes mistook his appearance for that of a god, and they proclaimed him their supreme ruler. Gore lured scientists to the island to work for him as his prisoners, and created a germ that could strip an animal's flesh off down to the bone within seconds. Thankfully, before he could deploy it Thunderbolt chanced to be shipwrecked on Gore Island, where he battled Gore's apes and defeated the madman.

Comments: Created by Pete Morisi.


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