Gilles de Geus

Real Name: Gilles

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Former highway robber, now Geus (member of the Dutch resistance against the Spanish Occupation.)

Affiliations: Prince William of Orange, Admiral Lumeij, inventor Cornelis Drebbel and Leo.

Enemies: Duke of Alva, soldiers of the Spanish Army, the Bekketrekker (translated: the Face-puller or the Grimace.)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The Netherlands

First Appearance: De Spaanse Furie (The Spanish Fury)

Powers/Abilities: Gilles is a capable fighter and strategist.

History: In the 16th century, there was a highway robber named Gilles. As the Netherlands didn't exist back then, the country was occupied by Spanish military forces. Gilles, seen as a "disturber of the peace", was one of their targets. Surviving on his own due to Spanish incompetence for a while, he soon joined the resistance against the Spanish Occupation.

Led by Prince William of Orange, Gilles usually reported directly to Admiral Lumeij, a proud and ambitious man, but not very clever or brave. Usually the Admiral or the Prince himself (in Dutch history books the Father of the Netherlands, in this comic calling him a loser would be too kind, though he has his moments of competence) caused trouble and Gilles and his friend, the strong but silent Leo, had to save the day.

Some time later, Gilles and Leo got support from the inventor Cornelius Drebbel, an inventor who was far ahead of his time (a time machine and robots were but two of his inventions.)

Comments: Published first in 1983, Gilles de Geus started as several comical short stories, but soon the story became long adventures. It's creator was comic artist/writer Hanco Kolk, later joined by artist Peter de Wit. So far there have been 9 issues and a prequel of previous uncollected material. The prequel and issue 1 contain 15 short stories each, issue 2 has 2 longer stories, the other 7 issues are full-length adventures.

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