Gil Hamilton

Real Name: Gilbert Gilgamesh Hamilton.

Classification: Human psi

Occupation: former Belt miner, later A.R.M. investigator

Affiliations: A.R.M.

Enemies: Organleggers

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: The Arm

Base of Operations: Earth, formerly the Belt

First Appearance: "Death by Ecstasy"

Powers/Abilities: Gil possesses a psionic "arm". It has the same powers as his normal arms, but being a mental construct, it can reach inside things, cannot be restrained by physical bonds, and (because its limits are created only by Gil's own imagination) can even reach through television screens to the area shown in front of the camera if the picture is clear enough.

History: Flatlander Gil Hamilton was born in Kansas in 2093. Tired of living on Earth, Hamilton decided to become a Belter, mining the asteroid field. After several successful years, he lost his right arm when it was sliced off by a piece of rock following an explosion. It took him a long time to adjust to his injury, and like most amputees, he kept forgetting his limb was missing and trying to use it. Thus it was that one day, when someone threw something to him, he reached out with his right arm...and caught it. Gil discovered that he had a low level psionic ability, and that his mind had compensated for his lost arm by creating a new, telekinetic, one.

In spite of this, Gil eventually decided he wanted a real replacement for his lost limb. Replacement arms were in short supply in the Belt, but not on Earth. so he returned home to regain his United Nations citizenship. He discovered to his delight that his telekinetic arm did not vanish when he had his transplant. He also got himself a new profession, becoming an A.R.M. investigator, hunting organ leggers.

Comments: Created by Larry Niven, Gil Hamilton appears in "Death by Ecstasy", "The Defenseless Dead", "ARM" and "The Patchwork Girl"


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