Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Diety

Occupation: Monarch

Affiliations: Neptune

Enemies: Dr. Cloud, Fritz von Holz, Captain Gottfried von Slagian, Prince Zog of Mars

Known Relatives: Neptune (father)

Aliases: Shark-Man

Base of Operations: Under the ocean surface

First Appearance: Amazing-Man Comics #6 (Centaur Publications, October 1939)

Powers/Abilities: Able to live underwater, excellent swimmer (webbed hands and feet). Superhuman strength ("strength of 10 whales") and invulnerability while in water, normal human strength out the water unless he is carrying a magical knife gicen to him by his father. The knife also enabled him to command water and teleport through it. Skilled hypnotist and inventor. Able to create illusions out of water (usually used to make doubles of himself).

History: The son of Father Neptune, the man that humans dubbed the Shark (because he is often seen hanging out with large, man-eating sharks) lived in an undersea kingdom, but ventured out to fight crimes committed at sea.

Comments: Created by Lew Glanzman.


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