Real Name: Baron Povalsky

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Unknown; local nobility

Affiliations: German Army (in his Hurtz identity), Vorka (his manservant)

Enemies: Nazis, Cross Bow

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Major Hurtz

Base of Operations: Poland

First Appearance: Smash Comics #33 (Quality Comics, May 1942)

Powers/Abilities: Skilled archer. Good at disguises.

History: Following the German invasion of Poland, local nobleman Baron Povalsky began a one-man resistance campaign, creating two new identities for himself. As Major Hurtz, he spied on the occupiers from within their own ranks, and as Marksman, he openly opposed them, disguised by a hooded red robe.

Comments: His surname was also apparently spelt Povalski on occasion.

Marksman's final Golden Age appearance was in Smash Comics #58 in April 1945.

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