Gabe Law

Real Name: Gabriel Law

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Policeman

Affiliations: MVA Agent Evan Funsch

Enemies: Gabriel Yulaw, a version of himself from another universe

Known Relatives: T.K. Law (wife, deceased)

Aliases: The One (Yulaw, but since Yulaw is him, it technically counts as his alias too), Lawless (another alternate version of himself)

Base of Operations: Unnamed American town

First Appearance: 'The One' (2001)

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, and stamina. Remarkable martial artist.

History: Gabe Law originally was just a simple policeman in a small town, happy enough living his life with his wife, T.K., and his friends in the force. However, all that changed when he began to undergo several inexplicable changes, getting stronger and faster as time went on. He tried to ignore it at first, and just acted like nothing was wrong. Things eventually came to a head when, two years after his enhancements began, he was escorting a criminal to a van to be taken away for trial, and was attacked by a strange man, skilled in martial arts, and far stronger than any normal human being...who looked exactly like him.

At first, Gabe simply assumed that he was hallucinating, and had himself checked over in a hospital for any ideas. However, he was nearly killed by the same man while he was having a CAT scan, and was only just saved by a couple of mysterious men. Running off afterwards, he wandered about for a while, confused and lost, until he met one of the men from the hospital, called Evan Funsch, who explained the whole situation to him. Essentially, there are around one hundred and twenty-five different parallel universes, each one with a different version of every individual in the other universes. In one universe, Gabe existed; in another he didn't exist; in another, he was married to the same woman; in another, he was married to a different woman; in a fifth one, he was married to a man.

Several of these universes were aware of each other's existence, and had even developed a MultiVersal Agency (MVA) to police the multiuniverse.Gabe's alternate self, known as Gabriel Yulaw, was a former MVA agent, until he was forced to fight another version of himself in single combat, killing him in the process. Following this, he realised that, with the death of his alternate, his other selves had all gone through a slight increase in strength and speed; the life energy of his other self had been transferred to the other one hundred and twenty-four Gabriel Yulaws still surviving, and had boosted the natural abilities of them all.

Realising what this could mean, Yulaw began to roam the multiverse, tracking down and killing his other selves, with only one intent in mind; become The One, the only being in the entire multiverse with no duplicates. The process rapidly drove him insane, and he began to believe that it might be the fate of all to eliminate their other selves, and become united forever. The ironic part is that even Yulaw had no idea what would happen if he completed his mission and killed his alternates. It might be that, with energy that should have been divided over 125 people being channeled through only one person, his body would destroy itself due to the magnitude of the power he carried within him. However, Yulaw himself was more inclined towards the other school of thought; that, with all that power flowing through him, he would become little less than a God. Over the next two years, he had killed every alternate him he could find...and Gabe was not the next.

He was the last.

At first, Gabe was reluctant to believe Funsch's tale, and was equally reluctant to actually tackle Yulaw. However, when Yulaw killed his wife, Gabe agreed to fight Yulaw, regardless of the consequences to himself if he killed him. In an old warehouse, Gabe and Yulaw fought each other to a standstill, only stopping when both of them were dazed long enough for Funsch to activate a device to transport them back to his and Yulaw's home universe. Despite a brief attempt to escape by claiming that Gabe was him, Yulaw was sent to the prison universe of Hades. The MVA then decided to send Gabe away, due to him originating from an unregistered universe and thus being forbidden from staying there, but Funsch, as thanks for his help, sent him to a reality where his counterpart had never met his wife, giving Gabe a new chance at happiness.

Comments: Played by Jet Li

Profile provided by David Spence.

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