Real Name: Jim Randall

Identity/Class: Human transformed by magic

Occupation: Office Clerk

Affiliations: Linda Thompson

Enemies: Duke Cazzini

Known Relatives: Hank (uncle)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Choice Comics #1 (Great Publications, December 1941)

Powers/Abilities: Atlas has superhuman strength and agility.

Atlas visits Jim in his dreamsHistory: Jim Randall was a shy and weedy office clerk, who was instantly smitten with the new stenographer, Linda Thompson. After he nervously approached her, she agreed to let him walk her home, but on the way there they witnessed her younger brother Andy being beaten up by a gang. Linda begged Jim to intervene, but he was too scared to do so. Duke Cazzini, a mobster who controlled the gang stopped the fight, and hit on Linda; this time Jim said something, and got punched out for his trouble. Afterwards Linda told Jim she could never respect "a weak-kneeded, snivelling mouse."


Jim goes through the god's training regimeThat night Jim went to sleep berating himself for his failings, to be visited in his dreams by Atlas, "Greek God of Strength". Atlas imparted knowledge of special exercises which could transform a man into his image. When Jim awoke, he went to his Uncle Hank's ranch in Arizona, where he trained in secret for weeks, his skinny frame bulking out into that of a muscled Adonis. He returned home, where Linda told him Andy had joined the gang, and that Cazzini was still bothering her. Jim offered to step in, but Linda pointed out that Cazzini's gangs of gunmen would never fear any one man. A vision of Atlas convinced Jim that they would...if that one man "symbolized the might of the giant who supported the world...Atlas himself! I'll be Atlas... and use the strength I've built in a battle for world-wide justice!"

Clad in a costume which seemed to have appeared from nowhere (presumably his patron god supplied them, which might explain the hilarious leopard-skin trunks), Atlas proceeded to defeat Cazzini, his strong example convincing Andy and the other youths in the gangs to return to the straight and narrow.

Comments: Atlas' lone adventure was reprinted in Daring Adventures #18.

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