Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Pilot, spy

Affiliations: Battle, Nippy Weston, Bull Martin

Enemies: The Purple Ace, Herr Grun, Raven, Man in Armor

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The Western Front, France, c.A.D.1914-1918

First Appearance: G-8 and His Battle Aces "The Bat Staffel" (Popular Publications, October 1933)

Powers/Abilities: Skilled aviator

History: During the First World War, the Allied's greatest flying ace was a man known as G-8. As well as being a pilot, the American aviator also worked as a spy / special operative, handling a bizarre array of threats generated by the German side, up to and including werewolves, zombies, animated skeletons and ancient Vikings.

Comments: Created by Robert J Hogan. The series went on to last 110 issues over eleven years, well into the Second World War.

  1. The Bat Staffel

  2. Purple Aces

  3. Ace of the White Death

  4. The Midnight Eagle

  5. The Vampire Staffel

  6. The Skeleton Patrol

  7. Squadron of Corpses

  8. The Invisible Staffel

  9. The Dynamite Squadron

  10. The Dragon Patrol

  11. The Hurricane Patrol

  12. The Panther Squadron

  13. The Spider Staffel

  14. The Mad Dog Squadron

  15. The Blizzard Staffel

  16. The X-Ray Eye

  17. Squadron of the Scorpion

  18. The Death Monsters

  19. The Cave Man Patrol

  20. The Gorilla Staffel

  21. The Sword Staffel

  22. Wings of the Juggernaut

  23. The Headless Staffel

  24. Staffel of Beasts

  25. Claws of the Sky Monster

  26. Staffel of Invisible Men

  27. Staffel of the Floating Heads

  28. The Blood Bat Staffel

  29. Skeletons of the Black Cross

  30. The Patrol of the Dead

  31. Scourge of the Sky Beast

  32. The Wings of Satan

  33. Patrol of the Cloud Crusher

  34. Curse of the Sky Wolves

  35. Vultures of the Purple Death

  36. Wings of Invisible Doom

  37. Skies of Yellow Death

  38. Death Rides the Ceiling

  39. Patrol of the Mad

  40. Scourge of the Steel Mask

  41. Patrol of the Murder Masters

  42. Fangs of the Sky Leopard

  43. Vultures of the White Death

  44. Flight of the Dragon

  45. Flight from the Grave

  46. Patrol of the Purple Clan

  47. Vengeance of the Vikings

  48. Flight of the Green Assassin

  49. The Hand of Steel

  50. The Flight of the Hell Hawks

  51. The Drome of the Damned

  52. Satan Paints the Sky

  53. Wings for the Dead

  54. Patrol of the Phantom

  55. The Black Aces of Doom

  56. The Flames of Hell

  57. Patrol of the Iron Hand

  58. Fangs of the Serpent

  59. Aces of the Damned

  60. Patrol of the Sky Vulture

  61. The Condor Rides with Death

  62. Flying Coffins of the Damned

  63. The Bloody Wings of the Vampire

  64. Raiders of the Silent Death

  65. The Sky Serpent Flies Again

  66. The Black Wings of the Raven

  67. Death Rides the Last Patrol

  68. Three Fly with Satan

  69. Flight of the Death Battalion

  70. Wings of the Black Terror

  71. Patrol of the Iron Scourge

  72. Wings of the White Death

  73. The Black Buzzard Flies to Hell

  74. Red Fangs of the Sky Emperor

  75. The Falcon Flies with the Damned

  76. Sky-Guns for the Murder Master

  77. White Wings for the Dead

  78. Sky Coffins for Satan

  79. Wings of the Dragon Lord

  80. The Green Scourge of the Sky Raiders

  81. Red Wings for the Death Patrol

  82. The Damned Will Fly Again

  83. Death Rides the Midnight Patrol

  84. Bloody Wings for a Sky Hawk

  85. Red Skies for the Squadron of Satan

  86. Here Flies the Hawk of Hell

  87. Squadron of the Damned

  88. Death To the Hawks of War

  89. Hordes of the Wingless Death

  90. Raiders of the Red Death

  91. Wings of the Doomed

  92. Fangs of the Winged Cobra

  93. Death is My Destiny

  94. Squadron of the Flying Dead

  95. Horde of the Black Eagle

  96. The Death Divers

  97. Raiders of the Death Patrol

  98. The Mark of the Vulture

  99. The Death Master's Last Patrol

  100. Wings of the Gray Phantom

  101. The Squadron of Death Flies High

  102. The Patrol to the End of the World

  103. Wings of the Hawks of Death

  104. Scourge of the Sky Monster

  105. Winged Beasts of Death

  106. Bombs from the Murder Wolves

  107. Wings of the Iron Claw

  108. The Devil's Sky Trap

  109. Wings of the Death Monster

  110. Wings of the Death Tiger

G-8 was based on Harold "Bull" Nevin, a friend of the author who had done intelligence work in France during the Great War.

G-8 is due to meet Airboy in new adventures published by Moonstone Publishing.


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