Real Name: Grimjack - this incarnation's given name is unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human with perpetually reincarnating soul

Occupation: Unrevealed


Enemies: Cynosure

Known Relatives:


Base of Operations: Cynosure

First Appearance: Grimjack


History: Reborn 3000 years after his original incarnation, the future version of Grimjack learned that he could only end his perpetual cycle of reincarnation if Cynosure itself was destroyed. Weary of continued existence, he learned that if he released Dis, a being imprisoned at the heart of the city, this would trigger Cynosure's destruction, but only after millennia. Unwilling to wait that long, Grimjack travelled back in time to the era of his original incarnation, and hired him to find Dis.

Comments: Created by John Ostrander.


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