Real Name: Leon Carver





Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: DV8

Powers/Abilities: Frostbite can absorb heat from his surroundings, causing things to freeze. He's a thermal-reactive capacitor, capable of creating ice and shooting it against a target as a bolt.

History: Born in West Memphis, Leon Carver became a football star and managed to enter into the University of Howard thanks to his sport abilities. As he was asked to enter Project Genesis, he thought that it could be a chance to climb some steps to a better status and accepted, but soon realized that he was going to be used in an odd experiment and tried to escape. Unfortunately, he was no match to the Keepers and soon got captured. After that, he was frozen in liquid nitrogen.

As Project Genesis went on, Ivana recruited new members for her experiments in a new attempt to create super-powered human beings, but Jack Lynch rescued the new kids  (Gen 13) and she had to destroy her base of operations, moving to a new one and carrying the frozen specimens of gen-active beings with her. After some time, with the help of Threshold, Ivana started to wake up these beings, being the first one Carver. He survived a hard training and entered DV8, Ivana's own group of gen-actives, taking the code name of Frostbite.

Carver is very ambitious and intelligent, but quite hot tempered.  He's got a tattoo in his chest with the word BYTE in red and another one in the right side of his skull with the number 43 in red as well, this being his code in Ivana's archives.

Leon Carver is a heat extractor. He subtracts heat from his chosen target and internalises it, eventually using it as energy himself or safely bleeding it off. If he internalises too much heat too quickly, he can’t bleed it off - it falls out of him. Nearby objects explode and/or catch fire.

Leon has a negative attitude to life. Not “black man’s anger”. He simply distrusts everything and everyone, no matter what colour’s involved. He’s a paranoid, a conspiracy theory fiend. Here, he finds a friend in Sideways Bob, who claims to have been the third shooter in the JFK assassination...



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