Real Name: Dexter Douglas

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Student

Affiliations: Steff

Enemies: The Lobe

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Washington, D.C.

First Appearance: Freakazoid (Kids WB cartoon, September 9th, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: Super speed, super strength, incredible capacity for parody . He's basically got cartoon powers (much like the Mask or Marvel's Slapstick).

History: Dexter Douglas was a normal, fairly shy teenager, lusting from afar at Steff, the cute girl in his class, and being ignored by her in turn. Things changed forever one wintry day while he was logged onto the Internet. Somehow a major crash occurred, electricity flared...and Dexter was transformed! He became a being of living energy, with his mind sent racing by stray electrons off into bizarre and humorous tangents. He took on a new identity, Freakazoid, a living cartoon character, dedicated to tormenting and humiliating criminals and villains.

Dexter, Freakazoid's alter egoThe character is probably best summed up by his theme tune:

"Super-teen extraordinaire, Freakazoid! Freakazoid!, Runs around in underwear, Freakazoid! Freakazoid!;

Rescues Washington D.C., Freakazoid! Freakazoid!, Unless something better's on TV, Freakazoid! Freakazoid!;

His brain's overloading, It has a chocolate coating, Textbook case for Sigmund Freud, Freakazoid! Freakazoid!;

Check out Dexter Douglas; Nerd computer ace, Went surfing on the internet, And was zapped to cyberspace;

He turned into the Freakazoid; He's strong and super-quick; He drives the villains crazy; 'Cause he's a lunatic;

His home base is the Freakalair; Freakazoid! Fricassee!, Floyd the Barber cuts his hair, Freakazoid! Chimpanzee!;

Rides around in the Freakmobile, Freakazoid! Freakazoo!, Hopes to make a movie deal, Freaka me! Freaka you!;

He's here to save the nation, So stay tuned to this station, If not, we'll be unemployed, Freakazoid! Freakazoid!, Freakazoid!!!"

Comments: Freakazoid was produced by Steven Spielberg, and written by Tom Ruegger.

Freakazoid was voiced by Paul Rugg, and his alter ego Dexter was voiced by David Kaufman.

Steph, Freakazoid's love interest.The Lobe, Freakazoid's arch enemy.Dexter's love interest is Steff (voiced by Tracy Rowe). She is the "All-American Girl Next Door" who attends the same high school as Dexter Douglas. She has a terrible crush on Freakazoid, but is unaware that Dexter and Freakazoid are the same. The Lobe (voiced by science fiction genre veteran David Warner) is Freakazoid's number one nemesis. He's a brilliant arch villain with very low self-esteem. He has the body of a man and the head of a brain.


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