Real Name: McKinsey Flint

Identity/Class: Android inhabited by human mind

Occupation: Scientist and businessman

Affiliations: Alarico Sanchez (head of security for Flint Technologies); Sahara Grace (physical therapist, Flint's personal assistant); Isaac Rachimi (Flint's personal bodyguard and physician)

Enemies: Hangman (Ang Mann)

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: Edison Wilde (his android identity)

Base of Operations: Flint Technologies

First Appearance: Freemind #0 (Future Comics)

Powers/Abilities: Vast psionic powers. Able to fly, telepathic, telekinetic.

History: McKinsey Flint was born severely handicapped, but with a keen mind. All his life he wanted nothing more than to be normal. Growing up to become one of the world's leading scientists, he created Flint Technologies, and eventually developed an artificial body and a procedure which allowed him to transfer his mind to it. This had an unexpected bonus, as he discovered that his new form granted him nearly limitless psionic abilities. In this form he called himself Edison Wilde, and was publically percieved to be a field operative of the company. He is opposed by Ang Mann, former Triad member and now respected businessman, who views the Freemind project as his personal and world-altering agenda.

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