The Forerunners

Membership: Blackspacer, Darkling, Focus, Inphase, Silent Speaker, Skyhook, Threshold, U.N.I.T., Whitespacer

Purpose: To protect humanity and the Earth

Affiliations: Unnamed alien race

Enemies: The Operator

Base of Operations: Australia

First Appearance: Foreunners #1 (Other Comics, 1987)

History: The Forerunners were originally two teams of Australian superhumans gathered together by two alien beings, one a criminal, one a law enforcement official. Each proclaimed the other to be the crook, and when the two sides met, the humans had to decide whom they believed, "Silent Speaker" or "The Operator". Afterwards the humans banded together to form a single team, the Forerunners.

Comments: Created by John Breden and Chris Lopez


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