Real Name: Burt Tyler

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Circus performer

Affiliations: Maude Rex (sidekick, a.k.a. Super Model); Plant Girl (a.k.a Mold Girl); Captain Fiber; The Narcoleptic Screaming Dervish; Dairy Maid (a.k.a. Lactic Avenger); Deep Thought (a.k.a. Master of Mentality); Dolphin Boy; Yellow Striped Sturgeon Girl; Foamy the Shark; Milburn Weird (a.k.a. the Enchanter of Terranaq); Weather Bunny; Ethel Rex (Maude's sister)

Enemies: Sigmund Fiend; Undead Clown Man; The Brotherhood of Evil Excretions... which includes - Defecatrix (a.k.a. The Fem Fecale); Flatulord (a.k.a. Master of the Seven Deadly Winds); The Expectorator (a.k.a. the Mucal Menace); Whiz Kid ("He's always fastest just before he gets there"); Pus King (a.k.a. the Oozing Monarch of Malice); Eye Goo; Waxman; Toe Jam Sam; Stain (a.k.a. the Evil Dog)

Known Relatives: Mr and Mrs Tyler; Billy Tyler (not really his relatives - see comments)

Aliases: The Radioactive Clown ; Uncle Burt

Base of Operations: New York City penthouse owned by Maude Rex

First Appearance: Foodang #1 (Continüm, Jul 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman strength; invulnerability; self-lighting clown nose; ability to 'morph' back to human form at will (realized that later in the series)

History: Foodang was a normal man until a freak accident gave him superhuman strength and simultaneously bonded him to a clown's costume he was wearing at the time. With time, he learned that he also possessed other extraordinary powers.

Comments: Created, written and pencilled by Michael Duggan. Copyright of character is his too. Michael has very kindly sent me both detailed information and additional images of Foodang, one of which is was meant to be the cover of the reprint issue #2 (left). This cover didn't make the stands sadly, but perhaps one day.

The Tylers and Billy weren't really related to Foodang. They were actually, extra-dimensional 'humanivores' who manage to convince Foodang (during his explosive amnesia-inducing 'origin story') that they were his family members. In reality, they were hoping to fatten him up! The series cancellation meant the story never got round to the big confrontation between them and Foodang, and Michael Duggan decided that it would be more fun to continue using them as recurring characters instead.

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