Real Name: Victoria Ngengi



Affiliations: StormWatch


Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Stormwatch #28

Powers/Abilities: Flint can make her skin rock-hard. She is able to repel bullets and other attacks. She's very strong, and her strength is also enhanced by the hardness of her skin. A stone fist slamming into an opponent is more devastating than a flesh and bone one. Her resilience is such that dropping her from a considerable height is likely to do more damage to the street than to Flint.

When an attack by the Aliens ended the old Stormwatch, Flint suffered severe acid burns. Despite this, she later joined the new Stormwatch, a mostly-human group under Ben Santini designed to kill superpowered beings who posed a threat.

History: Compared to much of the African continent, Flint's home country of Kenya has had a relatively strife-free recent history. The key word, however, is relative. Her father and brother were killed in skirmishes with Tanzania in the mid-1970's, and her mother was murdered two years later. Consequently, Victoria was brought up as a ward of the state.

Her strength was noticed early on, and her instructors thought she was an Olympic possibility. Obviously, she was more than that. When her powers began to manifest themselves, Stormwatch took notice. During the membership crisis brought about by Despot's decimation of the Stormwatch ranks, Victoria was activated. Her hard early life has made her a capable but emotionally withdrawn person, whose concerns seem to be more for the fate of the earth, its flora and fauna, than for its human inhabitants.

Comments: Citizen of Kenya with diplomatic immunity due to her U.N. position.

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