Fission Chicken

Real Name: Fission Chicken

Identity/Class: Anthropomorphic chicken with superpowers

Occupation: Superhero

Affiliations: Skip Squirrelhard (private eye); Monica Fether (girlfriend), Normannu

member of the Valiant Varmints (Fission Chicken, Beatrix Farmer, Superswine, Savage Squirrel, Moon Mouse, Bullet Crow, Phantom Bunny, Snowbuni)

Enemies: Necromancer P.U. Evolcraft, Votoxians (aliens who want to turn human population into consumer zombies); Video zombies; Walt Ditsy's brain; Bullethead, The Creatures from Ineptune, the Ether Bunny, K'Celboo, Ferdie Cruller, the Dero, the Fuzzy Cutekins, Nuke Rooster

Known Relatives: None.

Aliases: Chicken of Wrath; Fish (nickname), Fowl of Fury, Chicken of Tomorrow, Bird of Rock, Supersonic Fighting Cock, Pullet of Power

Base of Operations: Unnamed US city

First Appearance: Critters #15 (Fantagraphics)

Powers/Abilities: Flies and is superstrong - enough to carry off full-loaded trucks when flying - is bullet-proof and can project power bolts from his hands.

History: Fission Chicken was born in Neeksburg, New Jersey but there is little info about his childhood (and what little there is, is self-contradictory). He does not confirm or deny anything.

Fission Chicken fights a continuing battle against weird monsters and cultural brain death. Over the years he had battled the mind control attempts of Vortoxians, the Ditsy entertainment empire and Video Zombies but also faced some rather unusual opponents like monstrously animated, ravenous toilets, movie monster Ferdie Cruller (pun on Freddie Kruger), and of course his evil twin.

Comments: Created by J.P.Morgan. Fission Chicken has an official website.

As well as appearing in several issues of Critters, Fission Chicken also had his own four issue series from Fantagraphics, and a special, Fission Chicken: Plan 9 from Vortox from Mu Press.

Profile by Vesa Lehtinen.


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