Real Name: Paul Finn

Identity/Class: Magician

Occupation: Taxi driver; eco-terrorist; former soldier

Affiliations: Eve

Enemies: FreeAid; The Newts; The Shining Ones; Lord Michael

Known Relatives:

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Plymouth

First Appearance: "Third World War" Crisis; "Finn" 2000 A.D. (February 1992)

Powers/Abilities: Magician.

History: Finn is a magician and eco-terrorist. By day he is Paul, a Plymouth cab-driver and army deserter, but at night he is a witch who fights the alien entities he calls The Newts and their human allies The Shining Ones, led by Lord Michael.

Finn's Past is shrouded in mystery. We know he was a soldier in Northern Ireland and then a green terrorist, specialising in acts of ecotage. The police closed in on him and he was forced to join sinister FreeAid, an organisation working in the Third World. There he met Eve, and together they sabotaged Freeaid before returning to Britain and going their separate ways.

Comments: Created by Pat Mills and Tony Skinner.

Kelvin Green mentions that "Although I'm not sure it was ever explicitly stated as such, Finn was implied to be either a descendant or re-incarnation of Slaine (2000ad's barbarian warrior), or at least the modern champion of the Earth Goddess.

He took on one of the Newt gods at one point, and took possession of the Newt's magic crystal-thing. While he wielded that, he was certainly omniscient, and quite possibly omnipotent. He gave up the stone, however, and lost those powers."

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