Fightin' 5

Membership: FF1 ("Frenchie the Fox"), FF3 (Granite Gallero); FF4 (Hank Hennessey), FF5 (Tom-Tom); Sonya; formerly FF2 (Irv "the Nerve" Haganah)

Purpose: To defend America and the free world

Affiliations: CIA

Enemies: DEATH (Dedicated Enemies of And Traitors to Humanity), Dr. Nijus, Comrade Jrozva

Base of Operations: U.S.A. but mobile worldwide

First Appearance: Fightin' 5#28 (Charlton Comics, July 1964)

History: The Fightin' 5 were a commando unit brought together by the CIA to fight Communists, terrorists and despots around the world. Originally comprised of five men, they gained a female member, the former Soviet agent Sonya, after the demise of one of their number during a mission.

Comments: Created by Joe Gill and Bill Montes.

The Fightin' 5 debuted in Fightin' 5 #28, a title which had previously been titled Space War. They appeared in fourteen issues before the title cancelled with #41 in January 1967, after which they transferred to the back-up feature slot of the new Peacemaker comic. Charlton revived the Fightin' 5 title for a reprint run in 1981, continuing the numbering of the original title.

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