Fantastic Four (1996)

The 90s attempt at a Fantastic Four cartoon.

New characters:

Mrs. Forbes (FF landlady) Slash Curtis Votan (Skrull)

So which mainstream Marvel characters have counterparts in this reality?

Lead characters: Fantastic Four (Mr.Fantastic; Invisible Girl; Human Torch; The Thing)

Supporting cast, etc: Alicia Masters; Rick Jones; Lady Dorma, Franklin Storm

Fellow heroes: Sub-Mariner; the Watcher; Silver Surfer; Dardevil; Medusa; Gorgon; Crystal; Karnak; Triton; Black Bolt; Thor; Iron Man; Black Panther; Nova; Ghost Rider; Hulk; Scarlet Spider; X-Men; Impossible Man; Lockjaw; Justice; Speedball; Darkhawk; the Avengers (Vision, Hercules, She-Hulk, Rage); Storm; Mjnari (which ties this reality in with the X-Men cartoon); Sabra, Lyja

Villains: Puppet Master; Warlord Krang; the Skrulls; Galactus; Firelord; Terrax; Super Skrull; Dr.Doom; Mole Man; Annihilus; Blastaar; Wizard; Hydro-Man; Trapster; Maximus the Mad; Psycho Man; Ego the Living Planet; Klaw; Juggernaut; the (Kree) Sentry, Warlord Morrat

Others: Princess Anelle

Thanks to David Hill for informing me of additional characters who appeared in this series.

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