Real Name: Feron

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional / human hybrid, magic user (descendent of Feron, an extra-dimensional mage and contemporary of Merlyn)

Occupation: Chosen one to host the Phoenix Power, Mage in training

Affiliations: former member of Excalibur; member of the Crazy Gang; Brother Francis

Enemies: The Anti-Phoenix, Necrom.

Known Relatives: Feron (his ancestor)

Aliases: Executioner (when a member of the Crazy Gang)

Base of Operations: current Unknown

former Excalibur's light house; a monastery in Slingo, Ireland

First Appearance: Excalibur I #48 (Marvel Comics)

Powers/Abilities: It is unknown the full power of his magical talents. We do know that he can create energy shields, illusions, and capture people with binding spells. He has little knowledge of alchemy, but no mastery of it at all. Other than being a possible vessel for the Phoenix, his true powers are unknown.

History: Feron is descended from an ancient mage, also named Feron. His ancestor was one of the great three mages, alongside Merlyn and Necrom. He summoned the Phoenix to Earth, but hurt the powerful being. To make amends for his transgressions against the Phoenix, Feron defeated the Anti-Phoenix and contained it until a moment in the future when it would rise again and his descendant would destroy it permanently.

Feron was born under the oppressive weight of this destiny. Because of this he was raised in a monastery by Brother Francis. They bound his feet in the mystic skin of the black boar and taught him the magic he would need later in life. Finally the Anti-Phoenix awoke and Feron was ready to confront him, ready to accept the Phoenix into his body, but the Phoenix had already chosen Rachel Summers. This infuriated Feron, but there was little he could do about it but claim that Rachel was unworthy of it's power.

To add to the problems, Necrom had re-appeared as alive and well . He absorbed the Anti-Phoenix and became an extremely powerful being. The only thing left that he desired was the Phoenix. Excalibur debated about the wisdom of giving him the Phoenix, as Necrom appeared to be causing several time blips to appear in their Lighthouse and Rachel was willing to sacrifice herself, so Feron slipped out to fight Necrom on his own, but he was unable to do much. Finally Rachel managed to defeat Necrom, and Brother Francis suggested that Feron stay with Excalibur.

He was forgotten by most of the members since he chose to go into the garden and brood until a young boy from X-Factor known as Alchemy appeared. Alchemy transformed two of Excaliburs members into gold and Feron tried to use his magic powers to transform them back. Unfortunately, Feron never did well in his alchemy classes and he was unable to do anything of real use.

Later, Kitty tried to get the arrogant lad to help her with some general chores, but he refused. Kitty decided to leave Lockheed with Feron and Lockheed would make sure Feron got all his chores done. Unfortunately the members of Excalibur were captured by the Resource Control Executive (R.C.X.), which left Feron alone with the dragon babysitter. While washing the dishes, Widget, the new improved machine member of Excalibur appeared and frightened both Feron and Lockheed. When Excalibur returned with Rachel Summers, Feron began his diatribe again about how he was the rightful owner of the Phoenix power. He was told that he would not get the Phoenix even if Rachel could give it up. Rachel chose to return to her own time and place and Feron was taken with them as Widget, now possessed by Kate Pryde, appeared in the past to warn Excalibur of what was going to happen.

After Excalibur had returned from the alternate future, Captain Britain disappeared. Feron decided to help Kitty since Illyana, Kitty's ex-roommate and bestfriend, was dying of the Legacy Virus. Feron also helped Excalibur battle the Starjammers to keep Cerise. He bound Corsair temporarily, but Corsair managed to break the bindings which left him tapped. He chose to stay behind with Meggan who was just a shell at this point. Kitty remained with him to watch Meggan, but they were unable to break Meggan from her stupor. Feron finally tried to transform himself into Captain Britain, he looked into Meggan's eyes and was trapped by the loneliness that leaked from the empath.

Feron lost control of his corporeal form, becoming water which was washed away. He eventually regained his physical body and emerged from a sewer to encounter the Crazy Gang, who were mourning the loss of their Executioner. Desiring sycophants, Feron donned the dead man's robe to become the new Executioner. Resenting "being ignored" by his former teammates, he led them in an attack on Excalibur during Brian Braddock's batchelor party; however Excalibur convinced him that he was still their friend, and he was reconciled with them.

Comments: Created by Alan Davis.

Thanks to "MalkComedy" for information.

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