Membership: Non-man, Carbonite, Girl-bot, Sprint, Springer, Hydromatic, Adamant, Flyte, Speedster, Coral, Silver


Affiliations: Dr.Franklin Faze; Floid

Enemies: Repta Empire

Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Faze 1 Fazers #1 (Americomics)

History: The Faze 1 Fazers are teenage troubleshooters gathered together, trained and instructed by their creator and mentor, Dr.Franklin Faze. Dr.Faze encountered an alien shapeshifter, Floid, who came to Earth in the form of a meteor, and through studying him developed the techniques which formed the basis of each of the Fazer's powers.

Comments: Created by Vic Bridges.

Thanks to Mike Murphy for alerting me to the existence of these characters, and also for providing the image of them.


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