Fauladi Singh

Real Name: Fauladi Singh

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Protector of mankind

Affiliations: Dr.John (scientist), Bharat and Antrikshak (robot allies, built by Dr.John), Lambu (ally)

Enemies: Unspecified alien invaders

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: Faulad

Base of Operations: Unsure - India / worldwide being the most likely two options.

First Appearance: 'Fauladi Singh aur Jadui Anda' (Diamond Comics, 1978)

Powers/Abilities: Equipped with a costume which protects him from injury and the rigours of space. His gloves can fire rays of energy. Both were created by Dr.John.

History: When aliens invade the Earth, the brilliant scientist Dr.John unleashes his greatest creation, a superpowerful robot armed with the most sophisticated gadgets, and possessing genuine human emotions. With his fellow robots behind him, this superbeing, Fauladi Singh, drives the invaders away, and becomes mankind's protector.

Comments: Thanks to Shams Ur Rehman Alavi alias Adnan  for supplying me with a lot of information about this character. He notes: "Bharat and Antrikshak, Dr.John's robots, were with him in most of the space sojourns. The third main character with Dr John and Fauladi Singh was Fauladi Singh's friend, Lambu, a 9-inch human being who had become small after drinking a chemical in the lab of Dr John. He later decided at remaining in the small size despite Dr John's preparation of the antidote.

In fact, Fauladi Singh was a great success in India, the only space superhero here till date. Dr John's laboratory and house were located in an island in the Indian Ocean. The most popular comics among the 75-odd published was the three part mega series 'The Terror of Globe', 'The Supremo of Dreamland' and 'War in the Space' (Published in both English and Hindi).

The series started in Diamond Comics in 1978 with the first title 'Fauladi Singh aur Jadui Anda' (Urdu/Hindi title). The first writer was Rajiv but later Ashwini Ashu made Fauladi Singh India's greatest comic series in the 80s."


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