Real Name: Michael Heller

First Appearance: Gen13#7





Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

History: Heller, as all members of the 13th generation of Project Genesis, was born with a natural potential to a certain super-power, in his case, trans-species morphing. Recruited by Ivana Baiul for her experiments, his special gen got activated and his powers triggered, but due to a still unrevealed reason, he was frozen in liquid nitrogen. As Jack Lynch entered the complex where the experiments were being carried -in the desert of Nevada, USA- Ivana destroyed the base and escaped, carrying with her the cryo-tubes with the gen-active beings.

Some time later, in Isla Caballito, she awoke them, and made a selection for her new team of super-powered beings, being Lynch and his kids her first target. Heller was an easy pick for Ivana, for he has no moral bonds, is bloody, pitiless and wild, but he's not totally sane, and so, it's difficult to control him. He's now part of Ivana's DV8, with the code name of Evo. It's likely that he would wear a tattoo with his file number (0066) somewhere in his body, but since he always wears a leather jacket, it's difficult to tell.

Michael is by the far the most relaxed member of the team, in terms of dealing with his powers and life as a creature of IO. He’s an easy-going little lizard, is our Mike, blithely accepting all the moral questions of his environment and just getting on with business.

Powers/Abilities: Michael Heller is a Silkie, a changeling with three specific bodies. One is the form of a primordial type of bat that has the ability to fly. The second is a ferocious werewolf type of beast. The third form is that of a crocodile/shark that can be assumed when in water.



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